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Microsoft extends technology classroom pricing to homeschoolers

Microsoft Education Product Policy allows nonprofit NFS to offer in-classroom technologies and pricing (previously reserved for traditional public school facilities) to Homeschool families.
First year of program – over 1,800 families obtained laptops through NFS.

Based on Microsoft Education Product guidelines, the NFS Board voted to categorize homeschool families as schools and to implement Homeschool Group Purchasing in May of 2014. The program goal is to facilitate access of in-classroom technologies for individual Homeschool families.

NFS Board “our organization is only four years old. In that time we have stressed moving forward to meet the technology needs within all educational venues. The first year of the Homeschool program has been a great success. We had no idea that so many homeschool families would participate. There have been hick-ups, our phone and Lab staff were, at times, overwhelmed by the response. For the 2015/16 school year NFS has expanded capabilities to meet the expected demand.”

Homeschool families are now able to acquire computers/software at the same wholesale pricing the NFS program affords to traditional public school facilities.
Homeschool families can purchase from NFS as individual families or form a group for a Group Order. In both cases the families must provide Homeschool documentation (type is dependant on the State of residence) to NFS. This is required to receive the full package of Microsoft Office software and lower laptop costs.
About Notebooks for Students
Notebooks for Students (NFS) is a nonprofit private operating foundation located in Carlsbad, Ca. Incorporated in 2011, our mission is to address the ever-growing Digital Divide within the national student body by increasing the availability of computers to all educators and students. NFS is an Authorized Microsoft Education Reseller.

Tuesday 7/28/15


David Puzo

Notebooks for Students

2588 El Camino Real F253

Carlsbad, CA 92008

(800) 991-7631

New Cooperative Education for Homeschool Families

A new homeschool cooperative began this Fall for homeschool parents. A la Carte Education is “a diverse community of teachers and parents working together to provide the best education for our children.

There are still a few openings in the co-op for interested families. To learn more about this opportunity, please visit the website:

Passport to Italy!

It’s time again for a trip around the world with The Global Corners!

Passport to Italy Flyer

The Global Corner sparks the natural curiosity of children by bringing the world to life, right in their classrooms. For the fourth time they will be offering this opportunity to Home Schoolers! Through exciting, hands-on activities, elementary home school students along the Gulf Coast learn the language, culture, geography, history, food and art of people across the globe.

Each year The Global Corner features a new country to represent.  More than 22,000 children have taken virtual trips to Japan, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Russia and India so far.  Join us October 17th as we voyage to…ITALY! 

Seats are limited!

Don’t wait too long to get your child(ren) registered for this exciting educational opportunity!

For more information and to register:

Want to build membership in your home school group?

Become a content creator for PHS!

PHS content creators are leaders of area groups that want to help local homeschoolers find the rescources they need to have a successful homeschool experience. There are three ways to participate as a PHS content creator.

1. Write short articles:

–about what kinds of activities are available to members in your group
–share your expertise, experience
–curriculum, education products reviews
–reviews of helpful homeschooling websites
–and more! Just ask!

2. Periodically post your groups information on our Facebook/Google Plus pages.

3. Ask area businesses to provide articles or information  about products or services for homeschoolers.

Any posts that you provide to us will include contact information (provided by you) for your group. This is a great opportunity to both share what you know which helps new homeschoolers, and those new to the area, find the group that meets their needs.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities to build your membership and help homeschoolers in this area, please contact us and we’ll let you know what to do to get started!

Ready to get started right now? Read our Content Creator Policy and complete the Content Creator Application.

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Classical Conversations meeting in July

CC Flyer

PLHA & The Global Corner present: Passport to India!

For the 3rd year in a row The Global Corner and PLHA have worked together to bring this wonderful hands-on educational opportunity to our homeschool community!

Escambia County Bay Day is May 10th

Lexington Terrace Park from 9am-2pm
700 South Old Corry Field Road

Calling all 5th Graders and teachers…home school (children ages 9-12), private or public schools.

Bay Day is a day of fun filled educational activities with Environmental Professionals from the community. Some of the activities will include: Enviroscape , learning to protect your watershed; recycling games; sharks, rays, and such; nature walk; water safety and many more.

Information we will need is:

School or homeschool group name:_________________________________________________

Contact name and phone number:__________________________________________________

Number of students and teachers or parents:__________________________________________

Your school or group is still required to be on site and participate with the children. Parents are welcome to attend.

For homeschool groups, Bay Day is at Lexington Terrace Park, parents and other kids are welcome to come and play in the park during the activities.

For more information or to sign your class up contact:
In Escambia County: Dee Dee Green at 850-937-2159 or

Home School Support Workshop for Military Families

Download Home School Support Workshop FlyerHomeschool Support Workshop

Planning for your child’s future: Making a year-end evaluation a positive experience

Homeschoolers in Florida have a variety of choices in how to complete the school year and advance their child to the next grade level. If you are new to homeschooling it may seem a bit daunting to think of having your child “evaluated.” It’s not so scary if you take some things into consideration and look at an evaluation as a positive part of your child’s learning experience. Here are some facts that may help ease your mind.


First of all, an “evaluation” may sound scary but in fact an evaluator is only required to gauge whether your child has “improved” from the beginning of the school year or when you began homeschooling, to the end of the school year. In a loving environment where a child is given the opportunity to ask questions and guided to find answers to those questions, there is virtually no chance that they will not learn lots of things. Homeschooling gives you an opportunity to give your child an opportunity to learn much more beyond just the book work they do. An evaluator isn’t looking for a way to hold your child back, they want to help you stay on track. Choosing your evaluator wisely can make your homeschooling experience even better.

Most teachers will have some area of “specialty.” One teacher may be most interested in your child’s language arts abilities while another in math or science. You should choose your evaluator by your child’s strengths or weaknesses. If you want your child to improve in language arts then find an evaluator that specializes in language arts so that they can give you tips on new methods to try. But if you know that your child just does not have any interest in language art but feel ok about how they are doing in that area, you might not want an evaluator that concentrates on that area as they might miss the other things that your child does excel in. Basically, you can choose an evaluator that will have a positive influence on your child’s learning experience. That is one of the beauties of homeschooling.

But don’t give the evaluation too much power in your homeschooling experience. Evaluations are just one part of homeschooling that we must participate in if we don’t choose other methods. And there are other choices. But if you think of evaluations in a positive way and choose your evaluator wisely, it can be a wonderful experience for your child to show off their skills to someone outside of the family. You will need to provide a sample of your child’s work from the beginning of the school year to the end so that the evaluator can see that there is improvement. You can make this portfolio a pleasant experience by making it part of their learning if you like. Evaluators like to see photos of science experiments, artwork, and field trips along with some samples of book work. Whatever year-end process you choose, it’s a good idea to keep a portfolio in any case. You can treat it like a memory book to look at years down the road.

You can find a list of evaluators on our website. Any certified teacher is qualified but these teachers and psychologists that have shown an interest in offering this service to homeschoolers.


You can also have your child take a regular achievement test that is not the FCAT. Cathy Pascoe with Independent Thinkers in Gulf Breeze has been offering testing to homeschoolers for many years. You can contact Cathy about available testing dates if you are interested in this.

You do NOT have to submit your child’s testing scores to the school district if you do not want to. You can choose to have your child take the achievement test for your own information. But if you do choose to send the achievement test score it can be a replacement of the evaluation from the teacher. You do not have to send both.

Finally, you can also choose to have your child take the FCAT. I have not met any parents that have chosen this route though I’m sure that a few may have, maybe only because they think they have to. You do not. The school district may lead you to believe you do either because they are mistaken or because they are eager to get homeschoolers test scores for their school because homeschoolers tend to score higher and it helps their statistics.


There is one more option that a family can choose to take. There are a number of umbrella school options. Some provide the curriculum and even grading. Of course that will cost more than the schools which only require you to keep attendance and you provide the education. I won’t go into detail here about umbrella schools. While umbrella schools are a great resource for many homeschoolers, you aren’t technically homeschooling but are considered a private schooler by the county. But umbrella schools are a great option for some families especially for those that perhaps both parents work and the child uses FLVS for their studies. You can find a short list of umbrella schools on our website. If you know of other umbrella schools, please let us know so we can add them to our list.


Shakespeare Club

The Pensacola Little Theatre presents…

The Shakespeare Club!

Friday afternoons from 4:30-6:00pm
Pensacola Little Theatre
400 South Jefferson St.
Ages 11-17
“Members of the club munch of Free Refreshment while they read a Shakespeare play and discuss plots and characters!”
For more information please contact Michelle Hancock, 850-434-0257.

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