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    Bowling is a great fit for homeschoolers

    Cordova LanesBowling is a great fit for homeschoolers. It fills a need for physical exercise while developing social skills, teamwork and mental discipline; all while having fun learning a sport that will last your entire lifetime! And it’s so easy to get started – no uniforms, no equipment, no need for dozens of other players, coaches, officials and score keepers.

    Physically, bowling is great light aerobic exercise. You burn an average of 240 calories per game, and each game is the same as a one mile walk. You lift an average of 864 pounds over a three-game span, using 134 muscles to roll one ball. The discipline required is a great way to exercise your mental faculties, as well.

    Bowling is an excellent vehicle for learning and exercising social skills. You interact with teammates and opponents, building communication and listening skills. You must also learn and display etiquette with those you’re bowling with and other bowlers on the lanes.

    Teamwork is important in bowling. You must learn to cheer for your teammates, and display proper sportsmanship by rootin’ on the other team as well. It is also a very important sport for children with low self esteem or limited athletic ability because no one gets benched in bowling!

    Currently, Cordova Lanes has seven leagues featuring over a hundred bowlers, all over 60 years old. One league features four bowlers over 90 years old! Many of these folks started bowling as children. Bowling is certainly a sport that can serve you for your entire lifetime – a lifetime that includes friendships and competition while staying active and involved in the community. What other sport can give back so much over so long a span of life?

    Children who learn young stand to reap more rewards from the sport. They will develop an active, healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude towards the community. They will be prepared for that inevitable date night – equipped with a high comfort level in the safe environment of a bowling center. They will be able to transition into a family activity when they have children of their own. They may even have the opportunity to earn scholarships – yes, there are college bowling teams and professionals that earn a comfortable living while having fun bowling!

    So there’s a lot to be gained by adding bowling to your child’s life. And it starts simply enough – call us at 477-2300. Decide to come as a group or just bring your family – but just come over to Cordova Lanes to bowl – the benefits are waiting for you here!

    For Home school folks looking to provide physical education requirements or just to provide a fun outing, we offer the following package: Two games of bowling, shoe rental, and a small soda for only $6.00. That’s a $4 savings, and applies to instructors as well! In addition, we can provide free basic bowling lessons and coaching to get your group off and running effectively.

    You see, those of us who participate in this fun activity understand how great it is – we just want to share it with you. Come on out to Cordova Lanes, where we sell fun for a living to help you and your family keep your minds out of the gutter!

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