Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families

Hurburt Sesame Street

Beat summer boredom this year with music!

Piano teaching2Pensacola Studio of Piano is offering both preschool music classes (ages 3-5) and private piano lessons (ages 5-adult) this summer, and there’s still time to enroll! Preschool music classes are much more than just adult-led singing and play time. Your child will learn about different musical instruments, note types and values, piano key names, and more, all in a fun, positive environment. Classes each have only 3-6 children to ensure that each child is involved and learning. Private piano lessons open up the world of music to students using fun music books and positive reinforcement. Students will get a solid foundation in the basics of music while playing creative, exciting music that appeals to kids in the current generation.

Summer classes and lessons will begin the week of June 23. Please contact Krysten Skutt at or for more information about pricing and available lesson times.


K.U.D.O.S. (Kids Understanding Deployment Operations)

K.U.D.O.S.KUDOS is coming up on Saturday, April 26th, from 7:45-1:00.  It should be a fun time for the kids!  If you would like to sign your kids up, you can call the A&FRC at 884-5441.

Beginning Social Ballroom Dance Classes

Sandanzzz Ballroom

Beginning Social Ballroom Dance Classes

Classes starting the morning of Tuesday April 1 2014
Beginning EC Swing 10 to 10:30
Thirty minute class ages 8-11
$3 per person
This class is designed for people 8-12
This class will introduce partner dancing
You will learn the importance of leading or following
while learning basic steps in ballroom dancing
Classes starting the morning of Tuesday April 1 2014
Beginning EC Swing 10:35 to 11:35
One Hour class ages 13 -19
$5 per person
This class is great for people who have not danced before
Eight styles of dance will be taught over and eight month course
Class starting the morning of Friday April 4
One Hour class ages 13 -19
Intermediate EC Swing 10 to 11
Family Discount
$15 per family available to families who have more than
three students in any combination of classes
Payable at door each week (CASH ONLY Please)

May Foxtrot
June Rumba
September Waltz
October Tango
November Cha Cha
December Samba
January Merengue
Subject to change

All classes held at
Sandanzzz Ballroom
1707 West Fairfield Dr. Pensacola, Fl. 32501
Phone: 850-458-1979 Email:

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Pensacola Piano: Allow your child to discover their inner virtuoso!

Pensacola Piano

Allow your child to discover their inner virtuoso!

Pensacola Piano is a growing local piano and flute studio conveniently located off of Scenic Highway, near the Apple Market and Angus restaurant. Owner/instructor, Elizabeth Crane, is a classically and formally trained pianist who received her B.A. in Piano Performance & Accompaniment in 2004, studying under both Dr. Lynn Lauderdale and Dr. Hedi Salanki at the University of West Florida.  Elizabeth emphasizes standard pedagogy while using a variety of musical genres to develop each student’s individual musical tastes and preferences.  Elizabeth is an active member of the Pensacola Music Teachers Association. In addition to quality individual instruction, she provides her students many performance opportunities including studio recitals, ensemble playing, festivals, and competitions.  These opportunities for students to share their music and hard work helps them develop confidence that benefits all aspects of their development as an individual. 

Pensacola Piano is currently accepting piano students ages 5 and up (including adults), all musical levels—beginner to advanced.  Flute students, ages 12 and up are welcome.

Private lessons take place Monday through Friday each week from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Lesson lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes, based on the student’s age and proficiency.  Students can start lessons any time of year or month, so there’s no need to wait to get started!  Private music lessons give students the opportunity to have a teacher’s undivided attention, allowing students to progress at their own pace, which is often faster than with group lessons.

Monthly tuition is $80 per month for 30-minute weekly lessons.  *Discounts are available for siblings.  For more information, including studio policies, please visit  For availability, please call (850) 382-3612 or email

Preschool Music Class to Start in March at Pensacola Studio of Piano

Pensacola Studio of Piano is pleased to announce the opening of two new preschool music classes in March! Children ages 3-5 can participate in these exciting classes, where they will be introduced to a range of musical knowledge and experiences.

These classes are not just music and movement classes, although we do sing and do musical activities. Many children in this age group have a thirst for both knowledge and music, and while they do not yet have the finger strength and dexterity to play an instrument, they are more than ready to learn about the elements of music. That is what these classes are all about! Students in the preschool music classes will learn musical concepts such as note names and values, key names on the piano, clapping/counting (and later playing/counting on the piano) rhythms, high/low pitches, forte/piano sounds, and more!

The two new classes opening March will be held weekly on Monday afternoons at 3:00 and Tuesday mornings at 9:00. Each class lasts 45-60 minutes, and the cost is $35 per month. Please contact Krysten Skutt for more information about either preschool music classes or private piano lessons for older children at or (703) 401-1817. You can also find information

Passport to Italy!

It’s time again for a trip around the world with The Global Corners!

Passport to Italy Flyer

The Global Corner sparks the natural curiosity of children by bringing the world to life, right in their classrooms. For the fourth time they will be offering this opportunity to Home Schoolers! Through exciting, hands-on activities, elementary home school students along the Gulf Coast learn the language, culture, geography, history, food and art of people across the globe.

Each year The Global Corner features a new country to represent.  More than 22,000 children have taken virtual trips to Japan, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Russia and India so far.  Join us October 17th as we voyage to…ITALY! 

Seats are limited!

Don’t wait too long to get your child(ren) registered for this exciting educational opportunity!

For more information and to register:

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If you are interested in any of these opportunities to build your membership and help homeschoolers in this area, please contact us and we’ll let you know what to do to get started!

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New piano studio now accepting K5+ students

Piano Studio Smaller adMusic is a wonderful way to enrich a child’s life! Pensacola Studio of piano is a new piano studio opening in Pensacola this fall, and is dedicated to providing quality music instruction in a positive environment. Students receive 1-on-1 instruction catered to their individual needs so they can progress at their own speed without having to be held back or pushed along to keep up with a class.

The instructor, Krysten Skutt, has been playing the piano for over twenty years. Krysten is a second-generation homeschool mom who enjoys meeting and interacting with other homeschoolers. She received her BA in Piano Pedagogy from Pensacola Christian College and has run a successful piano studio in Illinois for the past five years. Krysten enjoys getting to know her students personally so that she can make learning music a fun experience for each one.

Pensacola Studio of Piano is currently accepting students who have at least completed K5, of all musical levels, beginner to advanced. Lessons are 30 minutes for beginners and intermediate students, and 1 hour for advanced students. Lesson fees are $15 per ½ hour, with discounts available for families with three or more students enrolled. For more information, please visit or email

Service Learning Opportunity for Homeschool Students

Escambia Westgate Clubs 13-14

Escambia Westgate School is looking for motivated homeschool students (ages 13+) to volunteer their time and energy to provide meaningful social and learning experiences for our high school students with severe disabilities. The volunteers will assist supervising teachers with themed “Clubs” from 1:25 pm-1:55 pm on Friday afternoons. The supervising teachers will lead the activities in the initial meetings, and then as the volunteers become comfortable with the Escambia Westgate students’ needs, the volunteers will have opportunities to plan and lead activities. Opportunities to volunteer for special events, such as Special Olympics, will also be available throughout the school year.

For more information, please contact Beth Thead at (850) 494-5700 ext 280 or Click here for flyer.


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